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The New York Power Team uses a variety of social media to stay in touch with our community between events. Please join us at these sites, listed below, including Meetup, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Flickr and YouTube.


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List of Social Media Sites

    • Meetup.com – NY PowerTeam Meeting Details

For information about our monthly meetings in NYC, you can go directly to our www.meetup.com site here:


You can read reviews, see pictures, and learn about our past speakers as well as upcoming meetups.

In addition, we have established communities on other social media for our members to engage in conversation with each other.

    • Connect with us on Facebook:

NY Power Team Facebook group

US PowerTeam Facebook group – Connect with people from Power Teams all of over the United States!

Global PowerTeam / YES Groups Facebook group – Connect with people from Power Teams and YES Groups all of over the world!

Global Power Team – Eat to Live – Discover best practices for eating, nutrition, fitness and exercise!

Tony Robbins Grads Facebook Group

Anthony Robbins Foundation Basket Brigade Facebook Group

    • Connect with us on Linkedin:

Linkedin NYPowerTeam Group

Linkedin US Power Teams Group

    • Connect with us on Twitter:

http://twitter.com/newyorkpowertea NY PowerTeam Twitter Account

    • Connect with us on Flickr:

NY PowerTeam Flickr Photos

    • Connect with us for the NYC and Westchester Basket Brigade to help feed families at Thanksgiving:

New York City Basket Brigade

    • Connect with us on YouTube:

YouTube – NY Power Team

    • Connect with Tony Robbins

Connect with Anthony Robbins – Register here for all events, including Crew requests

Discussion Board for people in the Anthony Robbins Community