Monthly Meetings

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We typically meet once per month.  Meeting details such as the agenda, speakers, location, time and date are posted on our sister site at http://www.meetup.com/nypowerteam and in our facebook group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/NYPowerteam/.

We rent venues in various location around New York City.  Sometimes water may be provided.  Since NYC real estate can be pricey to rent, even for one night, there is a charge for the meeting each month.  Currently the charge is set at $20 per meeting if paid at the door, $15 if paid in advance through meetup.  This helps pay the cost of the room, logistics, speakers, copies, website charges, and other administrative expenses associated with keeping the NY Power Team meetings running smoothly.

We have been operating the NY Power Team as a mastermind, peer to peer coaching group as a not for profit social organization since August, 1993, and it has grown and changed substantially through the years.  It was founded so that other like-minded individuals could meet, learn from, and socialize with each other.

The organization is relatively informal, and is entirely run by volunteers.  We welcome your involvement in identifying and bringing in speakers.  We are also interested in your contributions, whether through helping to arrange the room before and after each meeting, contributing to each meeting, contributing to this website, or bringing new members into the community.

We also welcome and rely on your feedback in order to make this community work well for everyone.  Please post reviews on our meetup site, post resources to this site or our Facebook or linkedin sites, and engage with each other on our Facebook site or the Tony Robbins alumni network.  The links are posted on this website.

If you are in another city, there are PowerTeams and Yes! Groups around the world. If you are fortunate enough to live in a city where they are already meeting, simply plug in. You can find out more about these groups here.


If you find that the meetup in your city is not currently active, no longer active, or simply never existed, please contact us and we will help coach you to get one started in your area.

Global Power Teams:

You should also search google, facebook, linkedin, meetup.com, evite, yahoo groups, tumblr, wordpress and other social media platforms that may be developed.