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Dr. Isaac Jones and Erica Jones will be presenting at the New York Power Team on the 5 most powerful health strategies that are essential to transforming your health in a long-term sustainable way. Their company Designer Health Centers works with entertainers, entrepreneurs and executives along with Tony Robbins top trainers and coaches to help optimize their performance and productivity through maximizing their health.


‘Dr. Jones’s strategies have

literally transformed my health

and life.’



– Steve Linder, Former VP of Charles Schwab and CIO of Bank of America, Founder of SRI University




Among their greatest accomplishments is recently receiving a certification of appreciation for their “excellence in healthcare” from the United Nations. Among their top clients is the Royal Family in Saudi Arabia.


There is so much conflicting information about how to lose weight, increase energy and prevent disease. However, there has never been a better time for you to learn the truth about how to prevent yourself from becoming another American healthcare statistic:

  • Two out of every three people are overweight.
  • One in three have diabetes or pre-diabetes.
  • One in two will come down with cancer in their lifetime.
  • One in three will experience diminished brain power as they age.

Dr. Jones and Erica Jones will teach you the most powerful clinically proven lifestyle strategies that have helped their Hollywood and executive clients revolutionize their health and energy. You will learn:

  • The fastest way to get to your ideal weight even if you are relatively lazy. (Recent research shows that this one strategy will help even the laziest of people lose weight in an accelerated fashion)
  • How to increase the #1 anti-aging and fat burning hormone in your body between 1300-2000%. (As you lose weight and turn “on” anti-aging pathways using this health tip, you will also skyrocket energy by default due to it’s positive effects on your adrenal and thyroid glands)
  • The 3 steps to take to maximize brain function so you can get more done in less time. (These steps are the productivity strategies we teach all the executives and entrepreneurs that we work with)
  • The 3 interferences you need to remove in order to help reverse disease OR prevent it in the first place. (These strategies will give you exactly what you need to help prevent you from becoming a statistic)

The good news is, most of these lifestyle strategies are 100% free and can be implemented right away. This is the first time ever they will be delivering this information in New York City.

NOTE: Each attendee will walk away with a resource showing the 5 things you can do right now to transform your health for life.



Dr. Isaac Jones and Erica Jones speak all over the world and work with top level executives, entrepreneurs and entertainers.

Erica Jones Bio

After working for one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies, Erica realized that the health system that is currently in place in the U.S. and many Western countries makes it nearly impossible for people to get access to care that will actually transform their health and subsequently their life.

Erica decided to go back to school with the intention of making a difference in the health world and graduated with her Masters in Health Science.  During that time, she met her husband, Dr. Isaac Jones and together they co-founded Designer Health Centers.  This company is now a fully international health consultation company serving health participants (what they call their clients) in 8 different countries.

They invite everyone to live powerfully in their health by making a paradigm shift from a reactive approach of waiting to get sick to a proactive approach of maximizing their health at every level. They are going beyond the status quo, which is why they get such great results with everyone they work with.

Dr. Isaac Jones Bio

At a young age Dr. Jones was diagnosed with ADHD and Dyslexia and had to take tests in special needs. Through learning advanced health strategies, over the years he overcame ADHD and Dyslexia  got out of special needs and later received an international academic scholarship to get his doctorate at the most prestigious health and wellness university in the world. He also invested a significant amount of money over and above his doctorate to fly around the U.S. and attend advanced seminars on the most cutting edge health strategies in healthcare.

By attending the seminars he learned how to address many of the underlying causes of disease through research-based, clinically proven strategies. He became very good friends with the expert doctors that taught me and is now helping them!

Upon graduation he worked in the largest health-center in the world in Orlando Florida. He subsequently founded and now runs Designer Health Centers with his wife Erica, where they educate people around the world in seminars and work one-on-one with executives, entrepreneurs and entertainers in customized healthcare programs.

Please visit their website here to learn more:


You can sign up for his personal newsletter at www.DrJones.TV

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Testimonials from April 10, 2013 Presentation to the Toronto Power Group

More than 150 people attended!!!

Last night’s TPG Meetup was incredible. Great turn out to learn strategies to transform your health. Dr. Jones and his wife Erica Jones, health strategy experts delivered a Powerful presentation.


Thank You Dr. Jones and Erica Jones. Great presentation. Important information. Beautiful People. Continued success.

Visit http://www.designerhealthcenter…

Your health. Your choice. Do something. Wishing you success in becoming a healthier YOU!



They made an excellent presentation team. She is superb, a top level speaker, he added the science and medical, together they rocked.

– Andrew J


The presentation was awesome and very informative. 
I totally enjoyed the evening .

– Jenny Hong


Wonderful, insightful talk Dr. Isaac Jones and Erica Jones on April 10, 2013! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience that inspires us to make some positive changes in our health! Thanks a lot to TPG amazing group of people, willing to give, receive and share with you! Love and Light (((♥)))

Natasha (Natalia)


Reversed Heart Disease, Overcame Anxiety and Loses 40 Pounds

Before working with Designer Health Centers I suffered from heart disease, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, depression, anxiety and chronic fatigue. I also had risk factors for cancer and diabetes. The testing I received revealed the exact abnormal physiological problems present that I wasn’t aware of before. After following a customized health plan my body fat percentage went from 24% to 15%, I reversed heart disease in my body, overcame depression and anxiety and now have all day energy. I also totally reversed the risk factors of cancer and diabetes. My wife also healthily lost over 100lbs over 12 months! All this was done without “treating” specific conditions, rather holistically helping me adopt a healthy lifestyle while removing the specific interferences within my body that caused these issues in the first place.

– Daniel Kingston, Salt Lake City, Utah 
Business Executive, Business Coach and Father


The Polic Family A Whole Family Epigenetic Health Transformation

The results we’ve received for our entire family have been truly amazing. The five-star service and advanced health systems that you get when you work with Designer Health Centers will ensure your health goals are met. Mariana balanced her hormones, dramatically reduced her risk of breast cancer and lost excess weight while gaining 7lbs of healthy lean body tissue. She also skyrocketed her energy. I lost 15lbs in 3 weeks, which has stayed off for over two years. I also removed the elevated levels of lead and much of the mercury out of my body. I’ve dramatically reversed risk factors of heart disease and increased my energy. Our kids are healthier and more confident because of this customized healthcare approach. This is the future of healthcare.

– Ivan Polic, Orange County Califronia 
Business Owner, Entrepreneur and Relationship Coach




Please note:  The $20.00 Price (which covers our room cost and fees) is only if paid in advance here on this website which we are doing to streamline the evening to maximize on networking and learning. At the door, the price will be $30.


Directions to One Spirit Learning Alliance: 
247 West 36th Street, 6th Floor 
New York, NY

Subways are plentiful nearby.   
A, C, E, 2, 3, 7, N, Q, R, S & LIRR and Port Authority Buses   
HopStop.com it here

If you are driving in, print out a discounted parking coupon athttp://www.iconparkingsystems.com/neighborhood/fashion-center-parking/


AFTER PARTY: Following this event , please join us for the after party at Pig ‘N’ Whistle, located at Pig ‘N’ Whistle, 202 West 36th Street  New York, NY 10018 
(212) 239-4820, just down the block toward 7th Ave.





After party nearby at 945pm @ http://www.pignwhistleon36th.com/